Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cultural Diversity

When teaching culturally diverse learners, it is important to always be fair amongst every student. In order to make sure there every student is treated equally and without judgment, there are several strategies one should keep in mind. The first key tip for nonsexist and nonracist teaching is the key to organization. Keeping the classroom mobile and cooperative is important as well as limiting the segregation. This can occur by integrating the different races in the class amongst everyone, instead of having the students sit in their own groups. Switching up seats after every marking quarter allows for everyone to integrate, communicate, and make friends amongst each other. Specific cultural cues such as eye contact, keeping personal space, and teacher-family relationships are great strategies for appropriate culturally diverse learners. Other strategies include calling on and questioning students one at a time, assigning tasks, and maintaining appropriate disciplines for all.  

Not only have culturally diverse learners experience a hard time in the classroom; however, years before girls and women experienced a hard time as well. Women used to be refrained to the kitchen and home for several years before they commenced striving for an education. Women have had a major educational barrier, which forced them to be stay at home mothers, while the men and boys were out learning and participating in the work force. It is hard to believe now living in today’s time, that it was common and enforced for women to stay at home and tend to the house and children. In today’s time, women are just as successful in business and the work force as some men are. Women are treated differently and given a lot more respect for their hard work. 

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