Sunday, January 29, 2012

Learning Through Athletics

Athletics seem to have a major impact on students in and out of the classroom. I have always been around sports growing up, and I couldn't imagine my life without athletics. I have learned some of the most important life long lessons through playing sports and each team I have been a part of has been a new experience. Throughout high school I played on the varsity field hockey and lacrosse team. During field hockey season, I had an amazing coach who taught me the importance of working together as a team and being a family. My field hockey coach showed us how embracing each other's strengths and and making up for the other's weaknesses, together we will be the strongest. My lacrosse coach taught me the importance of being a leader but also not being afraid to ask others questions as well. 

The best experience I have had through athletics has certainly been playing here at Cortland on the Women's Lacrosse Team. My coach, Kathy Taylor, has been such an inspiration to me as well as a role model. She has proven to us that she will do whatever it takes and go the distance for us to succeed. In my future as a coach, I hope to be as strong, goal orientated, and have the ability to influence my players as much as she does. Not only have I learned how to be a better and stronger lacrosse player, I have also learned how to be a better person and I have learned essential life long lessons. 

I believe that everyone should have an experience playing athletics. Whether it is in the gym or on a sports team, athletics helps form special relationships that are life changing and essential to experience. 

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