Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Philosophies of Education

Some of the major philosophies of education in the US today include

  • promote the fundamental philosophic treatment of the problems of education
  • promote the clarification of agreements and differences among the several philosophies of education through the opportunities for discussion afforded by annual meetings
  • advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education both in schools for the education of teachers and in other educational institutions
  • cultivate fruitful relationships between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education
  • cultivate fruitful relationships between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education, and
  • encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education.
I believe that the philosophies on education are an ongoing process that can be changed at any moment in time. There is not set philosophy on education that is right or wrong, instead it is based on your own beliefs and what you do as a teacher to implement those beliefs throughout your teaching. In regards to these standards, I believe that any teacher can advance and improve at any given time, which goes for the school district  as well. One cannot simply put a limit on education and knowledge. Learning is endless and everyone can learn a lesson from anyone. As a teacher you learn lessons daily from your own mistakes as well as your students. As a teacher you also learn form your colleges, from their mistakes and from their years of experience teaching as well. I also believe that encouraging students and promising them a proper education is extremely important. Students should continuously be motivated to succeed, especially in terms of education. They should also be promised and given the opportunity to receive a high quality education at all times and no matter what school they are attending. 

My own philosophy on education is as follows...

"Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own" (Nikos Kazantzakis). As a teacher, I believe that it is our responsibility to guide our students in the right direction and inspire them to create their own path. Where that path takes them, is their own decision and fate, however; our role is to prepare them for what may come. Education is a door open to endless possibilities and as a teacher I believe it is my job to share these possibilities with my students in the best ways that I can. Through the help of the other staff members, the school, and the community, our job as educators is to work together to provide our students with a positive learning environment in order to prepare them for the real world. 
School is viewed as a sense of unity and a place where people come together to learn, share ideas, and inspire from within. To some, a school is a safe ground and a welcoming environment where students can be themselves and feel comfortable without judgment. School is where students join together, create every lasting memories, and grow as individuals. As a teacher, experiencing a student's growth and success is extremely rewarding and motivating knowing you have made an impact. In my classroom, I will educate and drive my students to be unique, to be responsible, and to be avid learners at all times. I believe that these qualities are essential for student growth and future development. As a community, education will be promoted continuously and I will do my best to prepare my students for the future. 
School leaders are professionals that work together to find the best possible resources for their students, making them their main focus. A leader consistently has the student’s best interest in mind and will sacrifice "the me for the we" at any given time. Students need someone who they can look up to as a positive role model which is why school leaders are vital in every school setting. A school leader is approachable, understandable, and accommodating to students in need of advice and guidance. As a teacher, I will understand the diversity among the students and will work together with my staff members to create a warm and inviting environment within the school and community. 
Students frequently learn through their own curiosity and experiences. I believe that students should be given opportunities to explore their interests and discover on their own what they are passionate about in life. Through the school's curriculum, students can explore various settings and obtain deeper knowledge based upon the subjects and sections that captivate them the most. I believe that it is a teacher’s responsibility to teach their lessons in numerous styles in order to adequately reach out to every student. Teachers need to guide their students more often and drive them to their own success by just believing in them and giving them that initial drive. 
As a community, it is extremely important for the teachers, parents, and other members to join forces and work together. When everyone is behind the students best interest that is when the school is the most effective and successful. Parents must continuously be aware of their child's achievements and progress in order to support the teachers and what they are doing in the classroom. Through simple notices or memos, any sort of communication is essential towards the effective learning process. Parents have a significant impact on their child's life and with their support and influence; I truly believe that any student can achieve greatness. 
As a teacher, I believe that students learn through their own mistakes, their own experiences, and through their own success. There is only so much a teacher can do before the students must take it upon themselves to make the right decisions and become aware of their own potential. Through the countless lessons taught and the advice given, teachers can only hope that their students believe in themselves as much as we believe in them. Knowledge is power and it derives from various physical, emotional, and social occurrences that any student may experience. As an educator, I will do my best to teach my students push them into believing that anything is possible at any given time.

Nutrition and Education


Diversity In Sports


Diversity encompasses the values of acceptance as well as respect and it recognizes individual differences. Diversity is a mutual understanding that each individual is unique in their own way and it is about moving beyond tolerance in order to embrace and celebrate these differences. Diversity encompasses several areas such as the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and/or other ideologies.  Diversity allows for exploration in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment and it is a commitment to appreciating the beauty of individual and unique characteristics. 

Everyone is included and connected through diversity in various ways. Classifications are made based upon the simplest characteristics which is why diversity is incorporated throughout every day life as well. I have had several experiences related to diversity, especially since I grew up going to school in a very diverse district. My graduating class consisted of 770 students and every single person was unique in their own way. My school was made up of a vast variety of races, ethnicities, and students from families with all different socioeconomic statuses. I have witnessed or heard about a few fights break out due to the differences of races and the people amongst those groups. It is sad to say that these situations due occur, and most often they are in a school setting. However; for the most part, I have experienced several positive situations dealing with diversity as well. 

Our athletic programs were extremely diverse and consisted of student-athletes of all races and ethnicities. I believe that my experience playing sports with people of all different backgrounds was a more influential and effective compared to other schools who were not as diverse and unique as us. Playing with athletes that were from different homes, different, backgrounds, and who had different traditions was a learning experience and helped open my eyes to all the possibilities there are in the world. We have played against teams that were predominantly white or predominantly black and hispanic together, though I feel that our equal mix of diversity helped shape us into the individuals we are today. 

At an early age I learned to accept and embrace diversity compared to most people. My younger cousin is African American and was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle about seven years ago. Naturally people will stare in the mall or at an unfamiliar grocery store, though I believe it is only because they are curious of our story. The adoption of my cousin is one of the greatest experiences and miracles that could have happened to my family and we are so happy that he is apart of our life. 

Through my experience teaching I have encountered various scenarios of diversity. For one, the school district in which I completed my fieldwork observations in for EDU 256, there was not a mixture of races and different ethnicities. The school which I observed mainly consisted of students who were white and the only diversity they shared was the differences amongst their own personalities, interests, and looks. These diversities still stood out amongst the students, even though they are not as noticeable compared to color and backgrounds. I noticed that the students were still unique and different based upon the people they hung out with, the clothes they wore, and the way in which they behaved. I never knew that diversity could include such a broad set of differences and through observing in this school district, the students quickly helped me to realize their uniqueness. 

Diversity is extremely important to have within a community, an athletic team, and/or a school district. Diversity helps students understand the different cultural backgrounds and it teaches them to accept others for who they are. Uniqueness is one of the most important qualities a person can maintain. Being able to be yourself for who you are and being an individual is one of the greatest and most respected characteristics. Diversity should be embraced more and it should definitely be taught and talked about more throughout schools. I believe having an understanding and appreciation for diversity is extremely important for all to be aware of. 

Common Core

Corporate Sponsorship

The business community has significant influence amongst school cultures and finances. Often times successful business will donate money, grants, and fundraise programs within the school district of the same town. Corporate business loves giving back to the community because it gives them a good name amongst the public eye and it allows them to advertise their logos for the business. Corporate business's receive a lot of attention through their participation amongst the community due to their name on logos, uniforms, posters and signs within the school. Some business's even pay a lot of money just to have their logo advertised in order to endorse their product or services. 

Direct advertising appears throughout schools on the walls, on materials such as posters or book covers, on buses, athletic scoreboards, lunch menus, and/or bulletin boards. The advertisements can be small or large depending on the item they are representing and there are even advertisements shown on televisions throughout the schools. Direct advertisement is approved through the school board and in return the schools receive a cash compensation for displaying the ads. Commercialism in schools is often strongly opposed by parents and the community. One quote by a parent states that "schools should be all about teaching students to make their own choices, not coercing them to buy things they don't need. Schools should not be selling my child as a consumer to corporations." In several cases, these parents do have a point. Schools should not attempt to persuade students into consuming their products, especially considering most products that are being endorsed are unhealthy and un-necessary for the students to obtain.

Coca-Cola is one of the top sponsors of sports and its rationale for sporting events is "a natural fit." One of the sponsorship objectives for Coca-Cola is to connect with teens in an interesting and fun way, to create unforgettable teen moments linked to 'Coca-Cola', to ensure 'Coca-Cola' is viewed as making everyday life more interesting and fun, and to be seen as a national sponsor at a local level and globe sponsor on an international level. Coke is promoted through athletics for various reasons. Students, athletes, and fans all watch the contests and are constantly reminded of the coke product through their endorsements on the scoreboard, the products sold at concession stands, and the label on the programs. They are easily reminded of brand name soda, Coca-Cola due to their extreme advertisements. At athletic events I believe corporate sponsorship should be allowed because it brings in a lot of money to the school district and the program. There is nothing wrong with sponsoring products at athletic events because it brings the community together and does not distract the students form their daily work. During the school day I do not think that products should be sponsored because it sometimes does act as a distraction. Also, products such as Coca-Cola is extremely unhealthy for students to consume and can hinder their cognitive performance. Products such as soda, Doritos, McDonalds, and other types of unhealthy sources should not be sponsored and allowed the opportunity to endorse. 

The main benefits that come from corporate sponsorships is the money they give back to the school district. Through the money given for advertisements allows for schools to fund various programs such as athletics, music, drama, and art shows. Corporate sponsorship gives back to the community in order for the school district to be successful, resulting in the business succeeding. Overall the continuum is an ongoing cycle benefiting everyone which is most important for the outcome. Relationships amongst the school district and businesses are held in order and everyone receives the most out of the trade. I believe that corporate sponsorships should be allowed to endorse their products because they are not hurting anyone or hindering education and learning from occurring. Corporate sponsorships are major sources and they bring character to the community and what it encompasses.

Common Core

The common core is a set of educational standards placed in order for teachers to ensure that their students have the proper skills and knowledge needed to achieve success. They are clear goals implemented to guarantee that all students, no matter where they are from or live, are equipped for success in postsecondary education and the workforce. The common core standards will ensure that all students are receiving the proper high quality education in which they deserve consistently no matter what school or state they are in. 
The common core educational standards were created for teachers to be on the same page and aware of the knowledge and skills the students should obtain through their educational journey. They are also used to enforce teachers to create the best lessons and build the best environment for learning throughout their classroom. The common core was also created to help students and parents understand the clear goals that were instructed for realistic success and achievement. The standards applied are the first step towards providing teachers, students, and parents with a roadmap for future academic success. 
The common core originated to establish a clarified set of educational standards for English language arts and mathematics to be shared amongst various states and school districts. These standards have been designed by teachers, parents, and school administrators using the best evidence of academic success in hopes to create a program that will aspire students. The common core also dictates the academic level that students should have obtained when they graduate high school in order to prepare for college or the workforce. The standards were implemented in order to ensure that every child across the country was given an equal opportunity to succeed. Although the common core surfaced to reach the highest achievement level for students, the standards cannot enhance the quality of the nation’s educational system immediately. Instead the standards act as a guideline for educators to share goals and expectations for their students amongst one another. The common core standards created will permit participating states from all over the country to work together to identify the expectations that are necessary. For one, the goals for students will be clear to the parents, teachers, and the general public continuously. The standards also state that the development of textbooks, digital media, and other materials necessary by the teacher will be highly encouraged. The development of comprehensive assessments to measure the students’ performance against the common core state standards will be implemented in order to replace existing styles of testing. Testing styles are often inconsistent, burdensome, and confusing at times, which is why the common core standards are pushing for new techniques to assess students.

The common core state standards are being sponsored by parents, teachers, school administrators, experts, and state leaders across the country through their membership in the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) as well as the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center). The CCSSO and the NGA Center have provided the public with time periods in order for everyone to comment and submit feedback on the standards that were drafted. The comments and feedback will be incorporated into the final standards, in order for everyone to have their own say and voice heard. In order to ensure that the process of creating these standards is open, comprehensive, and demanding, there are several committees that have dedicated their time and help. These committees include the Standards Development Work Group, which is responsible for determining and writing the common core state standards, the Feedback group, which provides information that is supported by research to notify the standards development process through offering expert input on draft documents, and lastly, the Validation Committee, which reviews the common core state standards to ensure that they have meet the development criteria. 
Through the use of the common core, the standards will tremendously impact teachers in numerous ways. First, the standards will dictate their style of teaching in order to ensure that they are preparing their students for success whether it be in college or the workforce. Due to this standard, teachers will have to be creative and develop effective strategies for their students in order to touch upon the benchmarks marked for them. The common core will also help colleges and professional development programs prepare teachers for the changes in the standards.