Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Cortland versus Ithaca rivalry continued yesterday in a huge match up between the two women's lacrosse teams. The Red Dragons hosted the Bombers and dominated them with a 17-6 win. Going into this game, we were very confident that we would be able to take care of this game and come out with the win, however; being that it was Ithaca, we new that this game would be challenging due to the rivalry. The Cortland Ithaca rivalry was introduced in 1959 by the captains of the two football teams. The Cortaca Jug was invented when Tom Decker, the captain of the Cortland football team in 1959 stopped at a yard sale and purchased a jug from a local farmer. Decker thought that the jug would be a great trophy for the annual games between the two teams. Decker met up with his friend, Dick Carmean, the captain of the Ithaca football team to paint the jug blue, gold, red, and white, in honor of both the schools colors. After each game the teams would write the scores onto the jug to showcase the annual celebrations of Cortland and Ithaca. The Cortland Ithaca football game is one of the most well known sporting events nationwide. Sports Illustrated titled the game "the biggest little game in the nation." The Cortland Ithaca rivalry still continues today and is encouraged through every sport, not just football. Every time the two teams go against one another in a sporting event, there is always a huge competition and battle till the end. 

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