Friday, March 23, 2012

Generating Philosophy Perspectives

When it comes to education, I am a strong believer that physical activity and nutrition play a major role in a persons success and achievement. I believe that physical activity and nutrition are tremendous factors that influence cognitive learning in a school setting and that they have an extreme positive effect. For my research I am going to try and find sources to back up my belief that way I can share with others my own philosophy that I stand by. Physical activity and nutrition are essential factors in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These factors also influence a persons daily lifestyle in several ways. For example, a physically fit person is obviously very active and   focused on generating positive energy for themselves. Generally someone who is physically fit is not the lazy type, instead they are determined and motivated. Physical activity goes hand in hand with education because those same people are determined and motivated to study and do well in school, in most cases. I believe that working out keeps the brian in tact, working well, and refreshes the mind in a positive way. Throughout my research I hope to find articles to back up my statements and show that physical activity has a strong correlation with cognitive learning. I also wish to find more research based upon the effects of good nutrition and education. What we put into our bodies does not only have a effect on our body image. The food we consume effects our body, our mind, and our physical well being. I believe that people who eat fast food frequently are effected by the oil, grease, and salt in various ways. Those who eat healthier are effected in a positive and healthy way created through good nutrition. These factors are all general points and areas that I look forward to researching more and finding out the basis of my beliefs to create my own philosophy in the future. 

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