Friday, February 24, 2012

Nikes Advanced New Sneaker

Nike is one of the world's most famous athletic brand name ever known. Nike is internationally connected through the world of sports and the Nike company continues to research, invest, and create new products that will benefit and enhance performance. The new Nike Hyperdunk + sneaker coming out is very technologically advanced. This sneaker is basketball specific and is going to be able to track every movement on the court such as how fast you sprint, how high your vertical is, and how hard you play. All of this information is going to be tracked by a device built within the sneaker which will then sync directly to your phone and instantly be available. This new technologically advanced sneaker has the potential to completely change working out completely. Not only can you track your own success, you can also see your teammates and competitors scores and numbers creating a challenge and a competitive edge every time you step onto the court.  

With this new sneaker every person is going to want to get their hands on them, whether they are basketball players or not. The fact that one of the most famous basketball players, Lebron James, is endorsing this product will make people want it even more. This sneaker can definitely change the game of basketball for all athletes as well as coaches and recruiters. For any coach looking to recruit a player based on their statistics, this product is the perfect way to get live and instant feedback on an athletes performance and be able to compare it to the other athletes at the same time. This sneaker is a recruiters dream tool. Also available will be another type of sneaker for men and women that is more work out specific rather then basketball specific. Those who wish to purchase this item will be given instant feed back on other related workouts which will benefit and enhance their performance level as well. This sneaker is unbelievable and a truly genius idea. Nike continues to amaze me everyday with the new technology they are incorporating into their products. 

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