Saturday, February 25, 2012

Technology Through the Years

When I first started learning about the internet I was obsessed with logging onto AOL and hearing the voice say “you’ve got mail” when I would check my e-mail. I then moved on to AIM, having my own screen name, hundreds of friends on my buddy list, and creating my own profile about me. After being bored with AIM I quickly moved onto creating my own myspace web page, which did not last long due to the instant popularity of facebook. Although facebook is still extremely popular amongst people of all ages, twitter has been catching on recently within the last year. There are several new online social media links and web creations that continue to surface every so often. This semester I was introduced to web blogging for the first time and so far I have had a positive experience with it. Blogging is definitely interesting because everything I post are my own personal thoughts, which I was uncomfortable exposing at first, though I have learned to enjoy blogging very much. There are so many ways to communicate with people via the internet, I can’t even imagine what the next crazy idea will be in the future. To think that we can actually video chat with someone across the world is mind boggling to me. This technology is so amazing, I never would have thought any of this was possible if you asked me 10 years ago when I was waiting for my Dell to start up to go onto AOL. These computer geniuses continue to surprise me with their thoughts and ideas, I think it is great that they continue to benefit our society with technology and social media devices.

 Another thought that I think it is crazy is the fact that I am only twenty years old and I have already experienced an incredible technologic revolution from old school Dell computers to the new unbelievable MAC computers, i-Pads, and various other gadgets. My very first Dell computer was huge and required several compliances in order for it to work. Now my Macbook pro is the lightest and easiest piece of technology I have ever used and I can take it anywhere with me. I am very tech savvy and I would say I know a lot about computers; however there is probably millions of more functions, applications, and ways about computers that I am not even aware of due to the numerous options and capabilities. 

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