Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Corporate Sponsorship

The business community has significant influence amongst school cultures and finances. Often times successful business will donate money, grants, and fundraise programs within the school district of the same town. Corporate business loves giving back to the community because it gives them a good name amongst the public eye and it allows them to advertise their logos for the business. Corporate business's receive a lot of attention through their participation amongst the community due to their name on logos, uniforms, posters and signs within the school. Some business's even pay a lot of money just to have their logo advertised in order to endorse their product or services. 

Direct advertising appears throughout schools on the walls, on materials such as posters or book covers, on buses, athletic scoreboards, lunch menus, and/or bulletin boards. The advertisements can be small or large depending on the item they are representing and there are even advertisements shown on televisions throughout the schools. Direct advertisement is approved through the school board and in return the schools receive a cash compensation for displaying the ads. Commercialism in schools is often strongly opposed by parents and the community. One quote by a parent states that "schools should be all about teaching students to make their own choices, not coercing them to buy things they don't need. Schools should not be selling my child as a consumer to corporations." In several cases, these parents do have a point. Schools should not attempt to persuade students into consuming their products, especially considering most products that are being endorsed are unhealthy and un-necessary for the students to obtain.

Coca-Cola is one of the top sponsors of sports and its rationale for sporting events is "a natural fit." One of the sponsorship objectives for Coca-Cola is to connect with teens in an interesting and fun way, to create unforgettable teen moments linked to 'Coca-Cola', to ensure 'Coca-Cola' is viewed as making everyday life more interesting and fun, and to be seen as a national sponsor at a local level and globe sponsor on an international level. Coke is promoted through athletics for various reasons. Students, athletes, and fans all watch the contests and are constantly reminded of the coke product through their endorsements on the scoreboard, the products sold at concession stands, and the label on the programs. They are easily reminded of brand name soda, Coca-Cola due to their extreme advertisements. At athletic events I believe corporate sponsorship should be allowed because it brings in a lot of money to the school district and the program. There is nothing wrong with sponsoring products at athletic events because it brings the community together and does not distract the students form their daily work. During the school day I do not think that products should be sponsored because it sometimes does act as a distraction. Also, products such as Coca-Cola is extremely unhealthy for students to consume and can hinder their cognitive performance. Products such as soda, Doritos, McDonalds, and other types of unhealthy sources should not be sponsored and allowed the opportunity to endorse. 

The main benefits that come from corporate sponsorships is the money they give back to the school district. Through the money given for advertisements allows for schools to fund various programs such as athletics, music, drama, and art shows. Corporate sponsorship gives back to the community in order for the school district to be successful, resulting in the business succeeding. Overall the continuum is an ongoing cycle benefiting everyone which is most important for the outcome. Relationships amongst the school district and businesses are held in order and everyone receives the most out of the trade. I believe that corporate sponsorships should be allowed to endorse their products because they are not hurting anyone or hindering education and learning from occurring. Corporate sponsorships are major sources and they bring character to the community and what it encompasses.

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