Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Healthy Schools Program

What would you rather? 

All across the country there is a huge concern regarding student performance and health. "The Healthy Schools Program" implemented a program to be incorporated throughout public and private schools in America. This program is being used to promote healthier choices and to create an overall healthier school environment for the students. The purpose of The Healthy Schools Program is too exam schools policies, meal plans, health education, and school programs and make them more effective. There already have been several schools in the country that have banned fast food, french fries, and chemically processed foods from their cafeteria menu's. Instead of the unhealthy foods that are known to cause laziness, behavior problems, and poor performance levels amongst students, schools are trying to incorporate a new food program to promote the healthier choices students can turn too. School's are starting to serve whole-grain breads, fruits, vegetables, salads, and lean proteins because these natural and un-processed foods have proven to provide students with more energy, the ability to stay more focused and less lethargic. This Healthier Schools Program began in 1997 and since then, the "Healthy Schools" across the country have reported a significant amount of lower incidences of high school dropouts, expulsions, drug use, weapons and fighting, amongst their students. They have also reported a significant increase in student performance indicating their overall grades have improved tremendously.  This program is a work in progress and they are trying to spread their research and wisdom to every school district. We know from consistent research that the food students intake daily has a tremendous effect on students overall performance and behavior, therefore every school in the country should be buying into The Healthy Schools Program. To improve this problem we need the support and dedication to spread this philosophy across the country rapidly and promote the importance of healthier choices in schools. This will help us to create a better country, healthier children, and make smarter decisions for our futures. 


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