Thursday, April 19, 2012

Promoting Educational Performance

There has been much talk about how educational performance can be improved through nutrition, however; there has been no action in the matter. The most critical times for a child to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally is during the first years of life, as well as when they are in the womb. Although the first three years are known as the most critical times, growth failure still happens to occur most frequently between 6 and 24 months of a child's life.  We are aware of this crucial time period, yet we are still allowing growth failure to occur due to malnutrition and poor physical conditions. Knowing these problems we are already a step ahead of the game, though there needs to be preventative programs instated and nutrition needs to accorded as more of a high priority. 

Childbirth is clearly a unique experience for all, especially the mother and the infant. Health, family planning, and nutrition programs are essential elements for the best overall physical and mental conditions and experience for the mother and the infant. During pregnancy, nutrition is just as important as the after birth. Parents need to become more educated in the areas that will continue to effect the rest of their lives such as growth promotion, development programs, integrated childhood programs, and parent education are just a few critical sources to name. I believe that if everyone, especially parents of new born infants are more educated on the subject matter of nutrition, then growth and development amongst children will significantly positively increase. Nutrition as we know it has a tremendous influence on academics and educational performance, so why not do what we can to benefit the lives of our futures leaders. 


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