Friday, April 13, 2012


This week at SUNY Cortland has been dedicated to recognize the NCAA Division III Athletic programs and their tremendous success. Here at Cortland our athletic programs run a lot different compared to most typical Division III schools. As we all know, the coaches run and work their athletic teams just has often and hard as a typical Division I school would. Our facilities and beautiful stadium is nicer then a majority of Division I schools in the nation. For a Division III school we have the most support and commitment from our professors and faculty compared to many other Division I schools. At my lacrosse games I see numerous professors coming to cheer on the students they have in class time after time. We also have numerous staff members here at Cortland who are always willing to go that extra mile, which is why SUNY Cortland Athletic's are always at the highest level compared to other schools. We do not always take the time to acknowledge and thank those faculty members who have made our program as successful as it is. Today at the Women's Softball game, the athletes of SUNY Cortland recognized several names of those people who are constantly putting the efforts and commitment into making our program a success. We wanted to thank all the professors, Dan who announces at every home game, Pardge who helps keep us looking sharp for game days, President Bitterbaum for being in attendance at every home game, and several other people for their consistent help towards making Cortland the best school to be at, play for, and represent. Being a part of this appreciation day has been rewarding and a great experience.

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