Sunday, April 8, 2012

Healthy Choices

The holidays are always a fun time spent with families, friends, and a lot of food. Generally the holidays bring together all the loved ones together to celebrate the good times over a grand meal and delicious desserts. Today numerous people celebrated Easter as well as life in general on this beautiful sunny day. Easter is known for the large amounts of candy, treats, and food in store for children of all ages, even the adults! Eggs were hidden in the back yards filled with jelly beans, M&M's, reeses, snickers, and chocolate eggs all over the world today. The amount of candy that was produced to celebrate this holiday must have been massive. One of the world's biggest problems today, especially in the United States is the rate of obesity amongst the population. Day's like today prove why people in the United States are so overweight due to the amount of candy and junk food they intake whether it is on a holiday or on a daily basis. Rather then fill your children's easter baskets with giant chocolate bunnies, giant gummy bears, marshmallow peeps, and bags of jelly beans, why not try something different, something more healthy? There are several options that parents can use to fill their children's easter baskets such as granola bars, fruit snacks, and toys intend of giving into their sugar intake. To help lower the huge obesity problems we have in this country we should be promoting healthier snack items rather then indulging in a giants snickers bar. Simple steps such as filling easter baskets with healthier snacks will make a tremendous different on a child's life.

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