Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Activity for the Day

Today has been a crazy physically active day for myself. Starting off with lacrosse practice we ran two and a half miles within the first few minutes. Coach had us sprint a 400, 800, 1200, 800, and another 400 just for warm ups. Her motive behind this craziness was to retouch upon all the hard work and running we completed through out season. Since our next game is not until Sunday, she felt the need to run us into the grounds a little more then the usual. After the warm up we completed our shuttles to warm up our sticks and then moved on to a full field high intensity drill that works on our transition in the game. We continued to run the length of the field over and over and over again after completing the three man weave, a 3v3 fast paced drill practicing moving the ball up the field, and a half field clearing drill for our goalies to work on their saves and clears. We then moved on to working on the draws, which are a key component to the game of lacrosse. Coach also had us working on our offensive stall if we are ever up in a game by two goals or more, that way the defense can practice putting pressure on the ball and the attack can get comfortable with the pressure being put on them in the last few crucial moments of the game. Generally lacrosse players run up to 5.2 miles per day; in today's case if you told me 10 miles I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Perhaps I am exaggerated a little, however; we did get a great work out in! Though to our surprise that was not the end of the day. We then lifted together as a team for 45 minutes and cranked in a great strength and core exercise into our routine. We are hoping to come out of this week faster, stronger, and more physically fit, that way we can knock out our opponents with our speed and strength. We will see how the results prove to be on Saturday's Senior Day matchup against New Paltz.

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