Monday, March 12, 2012

Working out and Working in School

Back to school, spring break is over, and it is crunch time trying to compete all the assignments, papers, and projects that are due over the next few weeks. With only about a month and a half left of school, it is easy to stress out over final exams and projects, though there are also several methods that can be used to relieve that stress. Working out and exercising is a great way to relieve any built up stress and it is also a way to prevent stress from occurring. Being active and living a healthy life style is extremely beneficial for the mind and body. When you are over tired, stressed out and feel as if you are never going to finish anything, sometimes working out for 30 minutes will produce the energy you need to get through the day. Taking time out your everyday routine to add in physical activity is extremely important and will help you improve throughout your daily work and assignments. Now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is out more there are various activities that can anyone can do to stay active. For one thing, going for a run around campus is a great way to get outside and smell the fresh air. Also, anyone can get a group of people together and play games on Davis field such as football, soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, or any other game that is interesting to you. The spring semester is always my favorite because I remain very busy, active, and on top of my school work throughout the entire semester due to lacrosse. I am always active, running around in practice and or games through lacrosse which is great workout. Because of lacrosse, I am also always extremely busy staying on top of my school work. I truly believe that success in school does come from responsibility, determination, and hard work, though I do also believe that exercising daily will have a permanent effect on ones work and progress in school as well. 

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