Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow to the Jets

Tim Tebow, a Florida Gators football legend broke the news today that he will be playing for the New York Jets this upcoming season. Tebow joined the trading market on Monday when his former team, the Denver Broncos, secured free agent Peyton Manning to a five year $96 million contract. What will be the most interesting this upcoming NFL season will be to see the relationship between Mark Sanchez, the returning starting quarterback and Tebow. Who will start? Who will take the Jets to a possible Super Bowl Championship this year? Tebow's contract with the Jets will be a challenge of the best quarterback and it could potentially commence a quarterback controversy between the two all stars. For the Jets, cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted before the trade, "we don't need Tebow." Cromartie expressed his belief in Sanchez returning to the lineup and his confidence in the team that he already had before Tebow's trade. How will the Jets adjust to a new quarterback? These are all questions that are flying through players, coaches, and fans heads as they try to wrap around the endless possibilities. The Jets are looking to become a stronger power house as the used to be, therefore they are looking for answers and for fresh new talent. Will the Jets be the "it" this year? We will have to wait and find out. 

p.s. GO GIANTS!!!

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