Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glucose Effects

Saturated fats and brain power have a direct link due to the effects of glucose and sugars in higher-fat foods. Glucose generally comes from carbohydrates, and although glucose and carbohydrates are essential for energy, it has been found that foods that are extremely high in glucose have a huge effect on the body's energy levels causing it to severely drop. People of all ages, adults and children are experiencing post-food crashes which occurs when the glucose intake is too high causing the body to shut down throughout the processes of breaking down the foods. Post-food crashes are direct results of the people's daily diets and food intake. In school cafeteria's children generally consume white breads, fried foods, sugary sweets, and sodas. These so called meals are the main cause of the tremendous drop in energy which has been proven to decrease the students ability to focus and their mental performance. There needs to be a change in the school cafeteria throughout the United States. School's need to add into their budget a plan to sell only healthy and smart food choices to their students. There are also other ways that school districts can help their students eliminate sugary food items, starting with clearing out the vending machines with sodas and candy. Instead the vending machines should consist of healthier choices such as water, vitamin water, gatorade, and juices, as well as other snacks such as pretzels, wheat thins, or nutrigrain bars. This is just the first step towards creating a healthier environment inside the school, which will hopefully, eventually proceed outside in the children's homes and daily routines as well. 


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