Thursday, March 1, 2012

Game Day Eats

On the day of a game, it is extremely important to be aware of what you are eating and putting into your body. An athletes performance on game day will be effected and dependent on the foods that they have eaten over the past few days and the day of. By paying attention to the food you intake on game day, performance will be enhanced. Athletes should strive for a game day diet to include many carbohydrates, moderate amount of protein, and foods that are very low in fat. There are a few guidelines and rules that are known facts to athletes about eating prior to a game. These simple guidelines are important to maintain in respect to what you know your body needs to be completely fueled and energized. One guideline is, eat a meal 3-4 hours before a game. Choosing a protein and a carbohydrate meal such as a chicken or turkey sandwich, cereal and milk, or yogurt are great sources of energy coming from healthy foods. The meal prior to a game should not be heavy, but instead light that way all the food is not sitting in your stomach as you are running. Another piece of advice athletes follow on game day, is eat a snack less than 2 hours before the game if you do not have time to eat a full meal. Light snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers, or yogurt are great substitutes for a meal and they will provide you with the proper nutrients that you will need. Eating an hour before game play is cutting it way too close and you will not acquire the proper energy needed from breaking the foods down. Eating right before a game may also cause a bloated, full, cramp, and sick feeling which would be detrimental to any athlete. The most important thing to remember as an athlete eating on game day, is that everyone is different and you must do what is necessary for yourself. One person may not be able to eat a huge meal a few hours before, while others require a snack a few hours beforehand. Everyone is different and as an athlete it is your job to find out what works best with your body type. 

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