Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dergin Tokmak

After seeing the video that is at the bottom of this page, I was completely amazed at what I saw. I could not believe the talent and skill that one man could have performing on crutches. I was simply blown away by his ability to move that efficiently to the rhythm, his strength to carry and support himself, and his determination to never give up. Dergin Tokmak a dancer and acrobat has opened my eyes to endless possibilities, giving myself a whole new perspective on life. Tokmak contracted polio when he was just one year old. Poliomyelitis is a virus that attacks the nerves that control your muscles. Tokmak lost all control of his left leg and he lost some control of his right leg.   Dergin Tokmak underwent several treatments to restore his legs, however; when nothing worked and when all else would probably quit and give up, Dergin learned to walk on his hands instead. At twelve years old, Dergin was inspired by the movie "Breakin" at the part when one of the characters Eddie, "Handyman" Rodriguez, who had no use of his legs whatsoever performed an incredible break dance routine. Dergin was immediately inspired and began to study break dancing and hip hop in youth clubs and dance studios. Degrin Tokmak became incredibly successful and never doubted himself for one second that he would not be able to walk again. He received the "Limping Angel" told in Cirque du Soleil's show and became a worldwide hit. Dergin Tokmak's youtube videos have inspired myself and showed me how anything is possible and that greatness can be achieved. Anyone is capable of anything as long as they put their heart and mind into it. Wise words from Dergin Tokmak, "I want to pass on to the next generation ... so people can see that no handicap is too big or too limiting to dance. My message as an artist is to show the world that there is a creative soul in everyone with or without a handicap." A handicap should not be looked at as an ending path, however; it should be looked up as merely a speed bump in the road. 

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