Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cortland Lax Goes to the USNA!

Yesterday, our Cortland Women's Lacrosse team took a trip to Annapolis Maryland and toured the U.S. Naval Academy. Our team has been connected with the Naval Academy as of last fall when one of our teammates brothers, Brendan Looney, was unfortunately killed in a helicopter crash due to unfortunate circumstances. Immediately my team took charge and decided that we were going to dedicate our season to Brendan Looney and play for him as well as the other lives that were taken that day. The Navy has many sayings that they live and stand by. "One Troop" is one of the sayings found on the Navy Seal coin that stood out to us the most. From then on, we knew that was going to be our team motto for the year. One Troop, one team, one heart, one goal, that was our philosophy for last years journey to the final four. We had shirts made to wear in Brendan Looney's honor as we warmed up for every game and him and Kellie, our teammate were always on our mind and in our hearts. Being able to view the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy was a very special privilege for our team, knowing the history that is amongst the campus grounds. Tomorrow night we will be playing Salisbury, a great team that will be a very challenging and exciting game. Tomorrow night is our night and we will fight hard once again in Brendan Looney's honor. 

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