Sunday, February 26, 2012

Syracuse Men's Lacrosse

Today, as part of a team bonding activity, the Cortland Women’s Lacrosse Team attended the Syracuse vs. Army Men's lacrosse game held in the Carrier Dome. Usually on the weekends when we have off from practice we get together to hang out and participate in team activities. We are a very close team and love hanging out with each other all the time. Our bonding off the field has an effect on our team play on the field showing our connections and trustworthiness in one another. Throughout the lacrosse game we watched, it was obvious that both teams had complete confidence and trust with each other.

The game started off with number 6 ranked Syracuse coming in strong and confident against an unranked Army team. At the end of the first quarter Syracuse was up 4-2, and the fans were beginning to think that Syracuse was going to eventually easily slip away with the lead. However, Syracuse had forgotten about the Black Nights ability to fight till the end and never give up, which is why the out scored the Orange 3-0 in the second quarter, giving them a lead of 5-4 at half time. Army men are fearless and determined hard workers, which is why they were able to outplay Syracuse in the second quarter. Being up at half time is a known advantage for the winning team because they do not have to worry about making plays to come back from the deficit.

As the second half began the battle between the two teams commenced once again. The score was going back and forth, goal by goal with every play, keeping everyone in the stands on their feet. Finally Syracuse scored within the last few minutes and Army missed their chance to tie the game up with just 18 seconds left on the clock. Close games like this is why I love sports, especially collegiate lacrosse. Watching such a talented and skillful group of players today made us all very excited for our upcoming game on Thursday to open the season. 

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