Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As an athlete, one of the key ingredients to success is what you put inside of your body. Eating foods that are fried, fatty, and full of sugar is detrimental to an athlete. Those type of foods stay inside your body for days and do not breakdown easily, causing an athlete to run noticeably slower and play sluggishly. The common quote, "you are what you eat" relays to this topic perfectly in that what you put inside your body really does have an effect on your performance and athletes need to be more aware of their intakes. 

Carbohydrates provide athletes with a great source of fuel and energy. Most people believe in cutting back on carbohydrates, though with athletes it is the exact opposite. Cutting back on carbs is not in the best interest for athletes because limiting carbohydrates can effect a person to feel overly tired, worn out, and unable to perform at a perk performance. Carbohydrates helps the athlete build energy, power, and strength and enhances workouts as well as performances. There are some carbohydrates that are better then others for example fruits, vegetables, and grains are a great source of carbs. Whole grain products such as brown rice, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread is a much better choice compared to the processed white rice and white bread that some people generally eat. Whole grains provide a great source of energy, fiber, and other nutrients that athletes need to maintain a healthy and energetic fitness routine and lifestyle. Carbs that are filled with sugar such as candy bars and sodas are terrible for athletes to consume because they do not contain any nutrients. These items may give you a quick boost of energy, however they are notorious for running out and crashing on a person before they have even finished their workout. Sugar carbs should be avoided at all costs and athletes should not continue to keep them in their diets, as well as fast foods. Fast food and anything fried is such as detrimental as sugars. Athletes need to maintain healthy eating habits with the right proportions in order to be successful. They need the right sources of protein and carbohydrates to be sufficient and to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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