Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teacher and Student Bill of Rights

 As a teacher, it is important to know your legal rights as well as your responsibilities. Teachers have their own bill of right that states and explains their rights in the school. For one, teachers have the right to be free of discrimination. They cannot be judged or hired based on their race and ethnicity, and their pay/salary must be decided free of discrimination as well. Teachers also have the right to academic freedom, which states that non-obscene and appropriate materials may be used in their own way. They are also given the right to practice freedom of speech. Teachers may practice freedom of speech, as long as it is not intentionally inaccurate, malicious, and disruptive and as long as personal information is not disclosed. This gives teachers the right to teach in their own philosophical way and teach the students a variety of subjects and information. Freedom of association is another right teachers are given, which allows them to be able to join organizations and allow them to get involved. Teachers own personal lifestyle can be as private as they want it too, as long as their behavior does not disrupt the educational process. This is important because it allows teachers to maintain their privacy rather then having to expose themselves to all their students and co-workers.

Students have their own bill of rights as well. They are allows to practice their freedom of speech, as long as they are not disruptive. They also are given the right to freedom of press; however, their words must be nondisruptive, non-obscene, and may not cause any psychological damage. Students are given internet access, though they are restricted to make sure everything is age-appropriate and suitable for school grounds. In the students bill of rights, it states that parents and guardians have the right to review student records. This statement is in order to protect the student and to have control over what their guardian believes is best for them.

It is extremely important to have a bill of rights for teachers and for students. This helps ensure teachers and students exactly what they are allowed to do and what their limitations are. The bill of rights also tells them what they are given rights and access too, which is very beneficial. The bill of rights also protects them and their privacy if necessary. 

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